Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Factory Visit

During the visit, they presented about hiring international students. They said:

1. There is no disctinction between Japanese students and international students
2. The salary and chance for promotion is the same.
3. What they expect from Int stu is their language ability(Native language, English). (to become the bridge of Japanese and International world)
4. No limit in age and nationality.
5. Applicants should be able to communicate in Japanese.
6. Int stu will be trained in Japan for several years before they go abroad.
7. Company will support sorts of administative procedures. (Visa, Permanent stay...)
8. There are more merits in hiring Int stu more than dismerit.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Decision Support Methods

When it's time to do an important decision. I'm really afraid of choosing the wrong way. I keep thinking and thinking but I cant reach the decision. I know now, the problem is there are too many elements I cant process all. So, I'll write them down on a paper and use decision support methods like:

Pros and Cons Analysis
Kepner-Tregoe(K-T) Decision Analysis
Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Multi-Attribute Utility Theory(MAUT)
Cost-Benifit Analysis (CBA)
Custom Tailored Tools

Friday, October 13, 2006

Hand Phone

I was 2+ when started to use hand phone. Now, 'YOU' is very important to me. Not only for communication but as a friend, because you are one of a few that is always with me. Usually, when I feel stressed, I find myself holding you in hand, but end up with just seeing the time when I recognize. You are the best friend, you are trustful, you never lie. When I check my friends inside you, you make me recall about the good memory I had. You even show me their face. How gentle you are. You know everything about me, my family and my friends. You are clever, you are ful of courage. I really need you to connect with my real world. You help sending my emotion to the people I think about. Your sweet shout make me excited to guess about the person who ask you to call me. When I go somewhere faraway, I really need you to show me the way, because you are so clever, you know everything. Only onething, I sometimes forget to bring your food. Not so long you fall asleep. You know, I worry alot about you.

I dont want to change your id cuz I have deep passion on you. Ofcourse I dont want to change your body. But you trouble me when you get old, you eat too often, but you timely loose your power. I'm sorry I have to change. But I only revive your body, your soul is always the same, we are connected. I can't think of not having you. I need you, I love you!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Kind of Job?

When you look for a job, what do you consider?

1. Income, base pay, incentive pay.
2. Working condition
3. Working environment
4. Content of the job
5. Can you learn from the job?
6. Promotion
7. Responsibility
8. Company, Industry, leadership, philosophy
9. Do you like the job or not?
10. Lenth of contract
11. Work/life balance
12. Relationship, colleague

What else?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Purpose of Your Life

Have you ever thought, what is the purpose of your life? What are you born for ? How should you live your life? Very difficult question. I can't answer, can you?

1. Human is born to raise children? Not really because when your children grow up, there is no meaning for your life.
2. Human is born to work? So what do you work for? When you dont have work, you should die?
3. Human is born the help others? ---> Why ? Why you have to help?
4. Human is born to learn? Why you have to learn? What do you learn for?
5. Human is born to fulfil their ambitious? If you don't have any ambition, you should die?
6. Human is born to invent? for what?

How to Treat

When you have many friends. You can't usually treat them equally. When they know they may not happy with you. Oh, so difficult... need experience

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to Live a Life

Life is so tough. Many problem to think about. When you are at the turning point. You have to decide. You have to move. I'm so scared of the responsibility I have to bear. Who can help? No one. If there is some one, who will be the person. No, no one. Your family? No. Your friends? No. No one, only you only you.
Well, I'll take on all the responsibily. I dont have any confidence, but hope it's not the last chance I have.
Is living a life an Optimization problem? I beleive. I beleive. If so can you write it down. Well,

maximize {pleasure, happiness, life expectancy,... ? }
minimize {anger, illness, pain, hatred,... ?}
subject to :
1. human respect the natural law
2. law is not perfect

If it can be express numerically then you can solve. But how many variables do I need? what are they?

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Hmm.. Enjoyed too much this weekend. Feel exhausted and guilty.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Week end coming !

Long awaited Week-end is coming. Let's enjoy !!