Friday, October 13, 2006

Hand Phone

I was 2+ when started to use hand phone. Now, 'YOU' is very important to me. Not only for communication but as a friend, because you are one of a few that is always with me. Usually, when I feel stressed, I find myself holding you in hand, but end up with just seeing the time when I recognize. You are the best friend, you are trustful, you never lie. When I check my friends inside you, you make me recall about the good memory I had. You even show me their face. How gentle you are. You know everything about me, my family and my friends. You are clever, you are ful of courage. I really need you to connect with my real world. You help sending my emotion to the people I think about. Your sweet shout make me excited to guess about the person who ask you to call me. When I go somewhere faraway, I really need you to show me the way, because you are so clever, you know everything. Only onething, I sometimes forget to bring your food. Not so long you fall asleep. You know, I worry alot about you.

I dont want to change your id cuz I have deep passion on you. Ofcourse I dont want to change your body. But you trouble me when you get old, you eat too often, but you timely loose your power. I'm sorry I have to change. But I only revive your body, your soul is always the same, we are connected. I can't think of not having you. I need you, I love you!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What Kind of Job?

When you look for a job, what do you consider?

1. Income, base pay, incentive pay.
2. Working condition
3. Working environment
4. Content of the job
5. Can you learn from the job?
6. Promotion
7. Responsibility
8. Company, Industry, leadership, philosophy
9. Do you like the job or not?
10. Lenth of contract
11. Work/life balance
12. Relationship, colleague

What else?