Thursday, September 13, 2007


Shame of Thailand. They dont accept the Khmer, but they hungrily grab the khmer heritages.

quoted from:

Bokator Khmer kickboxing from cambodia is the predecessor of Muay Thai and Muay Boran (ancient muay thai style ). Pradal Serey is modern day Bokator in cambodia. Bokator is an ancient martial art that has been around 800 to 1000 years before thailand was even a country. (note: thailand became thailand around 1400 ad ). Cambodia, or at least the empire has been around since 200 ad. The Thai's borrowed Cambodian language, clothes, music, and why wouldnt they borrow the martial art? This already known as a fact that they borrowed this from the cambodians ( the cambodians were influenced by India). Dont believe? type it in yahoo or google and read about it.

type "bokator" or "pradal serey" and read about it. All these Thai fighters from Thailand such as Baukaw (k-1 muay thai champion) and Tony Jaa( the thai movie star) are from Surin, Thailand. Surin, Thailand has a MAJORITY of ethnic cambodians living there. 70 percent of them still speak khmer even tho the Thai's took over this part of cambodia for over 300 years. Before that, the khmers ruled central and northern and southern Thailand, southern vietnam and souther Laos for over a 1000 years. Even in the province of Korat.

Their nationality is Thai but their ethnicity is Cambodian. Cambodians are darker because they live near the equator for generations and generations while Thais are light skinned because they came from China. Many supposed Thai fighters came from this area. If you look at Tony Jaa and Baukaw, they look cambodian, not thai, due to their darker skin when Thai's are usually lighter being migrated from southern China. If you want hard evidence, look at the pictures on the temple ruins in cambodia. The pictures show Elephants going into battle and men with swords and others with their knees up in the fighting stance. Bokator was used in hand to hand combat when weapons were not available. i juss visited cambodia a month ago and seen it for myself. Surin, is world famous for their Elephant celebration every year, which is also depicted in the movie "Ong Bak".

The story of Ong Bak almost tells the story on the ancient Cambodian temples. He fought all his enemies because of an elephant! Khmer temples are scattered all over Thailand. The Surin province also has Cambodian temple ruins taken over by the Thai's. Khmer architecture ruins in Thailand is well documented and cannot be argued. It is also documented that the Khmer empire was the first empire of southeast asia. Before Muay Thai, there was no such thing as Muay Siam ( Siam being the name of Thailand before it was Thailand.)

The reason why Muay Thai is more famous than all others of southeast asia is because the Thai's were not involved in any modern day war. how many of you even heard of cambodia until recently? well there are exceptions to those of you who are smart allecks. my point being is that the Thai's has had more success due to stability of their country allowing for successful advertisement of their sport. Im just tired of them getting all of the fame even though many of their successful fighters are of cambodian decent and the art of Muay Thai itself is the child of cambodian martial arts. Many of their fighters come from a region documented as part of the once great khmer empire of the 8th-14 century (there were previous khmer empires before this but this is the pinnacle of khmer culture.)

They are simply Khmers living in Thailand because the borders of the country was changed, the people did not change or moved. Thats like black people in America claiming they are american when its clear they are of African decent and bloodline. The Thai's have been taught in their households to look down upon their khmer ancestry because of the unsuccessful position of cambodia in recent times. If anyone is curious about this debate, dont believe me, look up the information yourself and be informed. I can name more reasons to support this but i juss simply dont have the patience to do it. if i did, id write a book and become famous. but i wont so its ur job to become wiser about the world.

Things to look at:
1. Bokator
2. Pradal Serey
3. Muay Boran
4. Surin, Thailand
5. Cambodian bas-relief
* look at the similarities of Muay Boran and Pradal Serey
* Wikipedia gives easy to understand information
* look at similarities of importance of elephants both in Surin, Thailand and importance of Elephants in bas-relief on cambodian architecture.
* look at thai peoples faces and how they differ from cambodians.
*notice the history of thailand and how cambodian culture predates thailand by over 1000 years..
* notice how when u look up thai temples and how much they talk about cambodia instead of thailand, which most are located in Khmer populated ares of thailand, which is also where muay thai is prevailant.

hope i informed many of you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I know the roots of Muay thai is from the Khmer martial arts dated back to the pre-Angkor period. But the will still think it's of Thailand.

I wonder if the actor Tony Jaa(real name: Phnom) of Surin identify himself as Khmer or Thai.

I just know that the K1-Max Champion of whom I am a fan, Buakaw Por Pramuk (real name Sombat) is also a Khmer Surin.

I'm proud of them, I'm proud of khmer blood and khmer cultrue.

To my dissapointment, the world know them as Thai. The Japanese television says he is thai, that's why I thought he was thai. My doubt was, looking at his face, he look much Khmer.